It's kind of like farm-to-doorstep!

fresh veggies in paper bags
Photo courtesy of Getty Images
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Farmers' markets are foodie nirvana. But since not everyone can make a weekly outing, what if the market could come to you? 

That's the idea behind It connects consumers directly to farmers within a four-hour radius and delivers affordable just-harvested food overnight from the farm. 

This sounds almost too good to be true—which is why we put it to the test. We entered our zip code, filled our cart with a variety of goods from two different farmers, and…voilà! We had perfectly chilled apples, pork chops, garlic, and granola waiting on our doorstep—no bumps, bruises, or spills. 

One grower, Pam from Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton, New York, even added a handwritten note to our shipment that read: "I included some Fuji in case the Red Delicious aren't crisp enough." 

For now, the service is available only in the Northeast, but in the meantime, other companies, including your trusty local Walmart, are also getting in on the trend. 

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