One-Pan Pasta

Everything cooks in the same skillet in these supersimple, supersatisfying weeknight recipes. Dinner that fills you up without filling the sink up with dishes? Yes, please!
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Bring-on-Spring Veggie Pasta

Bring-on-Spring Veggie Pasta

Recipe: Try our Bring-on-Spring Veggie Pasta

"John mans the dishwasher, but I wash the pots and pans. While I don’t mind that, when it’s late and they’re piled up, I’m just as happy to have fewer to wash." -Rach

Creamy Lamb Bolognese 

Creamy Lamb Bolognese

Recipe: Try our Creamy Lamb Bolognese

"Skillet pastas cook up starchier, giving you a creamy texture that you can’t achieve any other way."-Rach

Shrimp Pasta Piccata

Shrimp Pasta Piccata

Recipe: Try our Shrimp Pasta Piccata

Burst Tomato & Bacon Rigatoni

Burst Tomato & Bacon Rigatoni

Recipe: Try our Burst Tomato & Bacon Rigatoni

Ditalini with Greens, Beans & Sausage

Ditalini with Greens, Beans & Sausage

Recipe: Try our Ditalini with Greens, Beans & Sausage

prepped vegetables and pasta for dinner

Just Add Pasta

If you always have these five ingredients on hand, you’ll always be ready to make a delicious dinner fast.

ingredients to add with pasta

Canned Fish

Those little cans are packed with big flavor. Drain anchovies, sardines, or tuna (packed in oil), then cook in olive oil and garlic. Toss with pasta and top with herbs and/or toasted breadcrumbs.

Hard Cheese

A good chunk of pecorino or Parmesan should live in your fridge at all times! Whisk a handful of grated cheese with a splash of pasta cooking water for a silky, insanely simple pasta sauce.

Canned Cannellini Beans

Stretch classic pasta combinations, like sausage and greens or shrimp and cherry tomatoes, with a can of beans (drain them first). Or sauté beans in olive oil with garlic, crushed red pepper, and herbs, then toss with your pasta.

Hearty Greens

Sturdy greens, like kale, escarole, and mustard greens, can last in the fridge for up to a week. Sauté greens in olive oil until wilted. They’ll add texture, flavor, and a healthful hit to just about any pasta.

Fresh Herbs

Tossing in roughly chopped herbs right before serving adds brightness, flavor, and color to your pasta. Got leftover herbs? Put them in ice cube trays, cover with olive oil, and freeze. Melt the cubes in a skillet, then toss with freshly cooked pasta for your next 10-minute meal.