These cheap and mighty paper baskets (less than $2 gets you 200) are very handy for tons of things that have nothing to do with coffee.
Coffee filters with herbs
Photography by Caitlin Bensel
| Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

Herb Wrangler

Pack a handful of herb sprigs into a filter and bundle it with kitchen twine. Stuff the sachet into the cavity of your turkey, or steep it in cream to infuse your mashed potatoes with aromatics. No need to go fishing for any loose leaves.

Appetizer Arranger

Avoid potato-chip-and-carrot-stick cross contamination: For an absorbent barrier (and a frilly flourish), corral snacky stuff in separate filters. Then cleaning that party platter couldn't be easier: Just bundle up the crumbs.

Splatter Catcher

When it comes to reheating Thanksgiving leftovers in the microwave, tent your heaped-up plate with a coffee filter before you nuke your food. The paper soaks up splatters and also traps some steam to keep food moist.

Dinnerware Care

Protect your good china by layering a coffee filter between each plate as you stack and store them for next year. Did the dishwasher leave spots on your silverware or glasses? Wipe them away with a dry filter.