If you want perfectly formed madeleines every time, you need to try the new Silpat molds.

silpat madeleine mold and scalloped cakes on cooling rack
Photography by Jennifer Causey
| Credit: Photography by Jennifer Causey

I'm a fan of Silpat mats (those sturdy, reusable silicone baking liners) so I was excited to try two of the company's newest products: the muffin pan and the madeleine mold. The muffin pan was OK, but I'm not sure it's worth 50 bucks. The madeleine mold, on the other hand, is splurge-worthy. The tender scalloped cakes are notoriously difficult to get out of the pan. (Flashback to that time I spent about 20 minutes whacking the pan on the counter and then watched my madeleines fall out in pieces.) With the Silpat mold ($60), there's no need for greasing or flouring and the baked cakes pop right out, no whacking required. Sold!