Dinner is always an adventure for this supermodel mama and her littles.

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molly feeding scarlet olive with grey nearby
Scarlett, 3, tastes a green olive from the dish she helped her mom make, while her 16-month-old brother, Grey, helps himself to some chicken. Get the recipe for u003cemu003ea href=u0022https://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipe/mollys-moroccan-chicken-with-green-olives-lemonu0022Molly's Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives & Lemon/a here.u003c/emu003e
| Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

For Molly Sims, cooking with her three kids is all about making food fun—and it starts at the supermarket. "My kids love going to the grocery store with me," says the actress, model, and author of Everyday Chic: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, and Decorating at Home. "When we're there, I put together a scavenger hunt for them and they have to do things like weigh apples on the scale." 

Once they get home, she divides up the cooking tasks: Brooks, 5, is old enough to put seasonings on chicken; three-year-old Scarlett "kills it with the salad spinner"; and 16-month-old Grey gets the job of supervisor. Molly places him on the counter so he can hang out and snack and keep an eye on the action. 

molly hanging brook upside down outside
Molly gives Brooks a fresh perspective on the yard.
| Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

Whenever she's feeding her little ones, Molly looks for ways to make the food more kid-friendly. "I'll cut their sandwiches, pasta, or fruit into funny shapes," she says. "If there's something that I can turn into a star, I'll do it." 

All of this fun ultimately serves a more serious purpose: raising enthusiastic eaters. "I started to introduce a variety of foods to my kids at an early age," she says. "Now they'll pretty much eat everything in our fridge."

molly cooking with scarlett and brooks
Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

"If you want your kids to eat more adventurous things, start early," says Molly. "And even if they don't like something the first time, try it again. Also, give them some control. My kids love to eat off their superhero plates and pick out their favorite colored forks."

molly with scarlett holding tomato sign
Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

"To get my kids involved, I let them pick their food from our garden," says Molly. "We have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, all types of lettuce, and even a kumquat tree. Brooks and Scarlett are great helpers."

brooks grabs kumquat from tree
Brooks gets on his tiptoes to grab just the right kumquat.
| Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

Molly's Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives & Lemon

molly's moroccan chicken with green olives and lemon
Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

Don't assume that your kids won't like something because it's not classic kid food. Molly's kiddos gobble up this mildly spiced Moroccan chicken dish.

Molly's Greek-Style Chopped Salad

Greek-Style Chopped Salad
Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

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