Looking for something new this month? These are our five favorite grocery store products right now.


Kalena Sparkling Coconut Water, Blood Orange ($2.69)

kalena sparkling coconut water with blood orange
Credit: Photo Courtesy Kalena

"I loved how subtle the flavor was. It was a nice, surprising alternative to regular sparkling water." —Phoebe Flynn Rich, creative director 

RW Garcia Blue Corn Chips ($4.49)

rw garcia organic blue corn chips
Credit: Photo Courtesy RW Garcia

"Forget the yellow ones. These crispy, tasty chips are great for snacking or for your next Frito pie." —Janet Taylor McCracken, test kitchen director

Tyson Pizza Chicken Nuggets ($6.49)

tyson pizza flavored chicken nuggets
Credit: Photo Courtesy Tyson

"Does the world need nuggets that taste like pizza? I didn't think so until I tried these and couldn't stop going back for more." —Tara Holland, assistant food editor

Santé Chocolate Almonds ($4.99)

sante chocolate almonds bag
Credit: Photo Courtesy Sante

"The perfect amount of chocolatyness. They're sweet but don't taste like candy. They're also much fresher than other brands I've tried." —Danielle Blundell, lifestyle director

Lundberg Organic Grainspirations Rice & Quinoa Bowl, Veggie Chorizo ($5.99)

lundberg rice quinoa bowl veggie chorizo
Credit: Photo Courtesy Lundberg Family Farms

"Spicy soy sausage gives this grain bowl a nice kick." —Nina Elder, executive food editor