How We Roll

Fresh, light, and virtually no-cook, Vietnamese-style summer rolls are perfect for, well, summer. These six spins on the dish—from classic to creative—show you how to rock the roll.
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Vietnamese style summer roll

Chicken & Peaches Summer Roll

chicken and peaches summer roll

Recipe: Try our Chicken & Peaches Summer Roll

Shimp & Herbs Summer Roll

shrimp and herbs summer roll

Recipe: Try our Shimp & Herbs Summer Roll

BLAT Summer Roll

BLAT summer rolls

Recipe: Try our BLAT Summer Roll

Spicy Tuna Summer Roll

spicy tuna summer roll

Recipe: Try our Spicy Tuna Summer Roll

Mu Shu Pork Summer Roll

mu shu pork summer roll

Recipe: Try our Mu Shu Pork Summer Roll

Mediterranean Eggplant Summer Roll

mediterranean eggplant summer roll

Recipe: Try our Mediterranean Eggplant Summer Roll