10 In-Season Ideas for Winter 2020

Spinach-pesto tortellini, tomato-fennel soup, and other recipes that use the best of this season's ingredients.
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1. Cheese Tortellini with Spinach

cheese tortellini with spinach

Recipe: Try our Cheese Tortellini with Spinach

2. Sicilian Tomato Bruschetta

Sicilian Tomato Bruschetta

Juicy canned diced tomatoes help you get your bruschetta fix outside of summer. Because tomato is the star here, splurge on a high-quality brand.

Recipe: Try our Sicilian Tomato Bruschetta

3. Grape & Thyme Cocktail

Grape & Thyme Cocktail

Fresh thyme balances out the sweetness of the grapes in this pretty drink.

Recipe: Try our Grape & Thyme Cocktail

4. Oranges & Crunchy Caramel Fruit Salad

Oranges & Crunchy Caramel Fruit Salad

Recipe: Try our Oranges & Crunchy Caramel Fruit Salad

5. Conquering Caramel

Caramel sauce swirl

Want to master caramel sauce? Follow two tenets of good cooking: Get prepared and pay attention. Before you start, fill a small bowl with tap water and grab a pastry brush. Heat the sugar and water, and when you start to see some color, give the pan a swirl, which will help the mixture cook evenly. If you see any crystals forming on the sides of the pan, it’s time for the brush. You want to dissolve those crystals so they don’t turn your sauce into a grainy mess. But if that happens, don’t panic. Take the pan off the heat, carefully add a few tablespoons of water, and swirl until the crystals dissolve. Cook until deep amber, keeping in mind that once the color starts to darken the sauce will change quickly. Let the sauce cool, then bring on the ice cream!

6. Tomato & Fennel Soup

Tomato & Fennel Soup

Recipe: Try our Tomato & Fennel Soup

7. You Gotta Try This: Savory French Toast

Savory French toast

If we had our way, we’d eat French toast all day—and with this cheesy riff on the breakfast classic, we finally can. The version pictured here uses Parmesan, but cheddar or Gruyère would be great, too. For 6 pieces of bread, whisk up 3 eggs and 1/2 cup grated Parm in a pie dish or a wide shallow bowl. Dip the bread in the egg to coat, then cook in about 1 tbsp. olive oil over medium-high heat until the bread is golden, about 2 minutes per side. Serve alongside soup for dunking, or top the savory slices with sautéed mushrooms with thyme for a fun take on breakfast for dinner.

Recipe: Try our Savory French Toast

8. Double-Chocolate Cookies

Double-Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are a triple threat: chocolaty, chewy, and gluten-free.

Recipe: Try our Double-Chocolate Cookies

9. Steak with Port-Glazed Mushrooms

Steak with Port-Glazed Mushrooms

Recipe: Try our Steak with Port-Glazed Mushrooms

10. Hoisin Turkey Meatball Subs

Hoisin Turkey Meatball Subs

Make a double batch of the pickled carrots and stash them in the fridge. They’re great tossed into green salads or as a garnish for fish tacos.

Recipe: Try our Hoisin Turkey Meatball Subs