Ice cream isn't the only frozen game in town. Check out our breakdown of all the treats that make make summertime extra sweet.
ice cream
Photography by Marcus Nilsson
| Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson


sorbet waffle cone
Credit: Photography by Jennifer Causey

Made with only sweetened fruit puree or juice and then churned until smooth, sorbet has a flavor that really pops. The lack of eggs or dairy also gives sorbet a refreshingly icy texture and lowers the fat content.


sherbet waffle cone
Credit: Photography by Jennifer Causey

Think of this often pastel-hued scoop as the dairy descendant of sorbet, thanks to a generous splash of milk, cream, or half-and-half. (Oh, and it's pronounced SHER-biht, not SHER-burt.)

Ice Milk

ice milk waffle cone
Credit: Photography by Jennifer Causey

More refreshing than creamy, ice milk is made without eggs and with milk instead of cream. (You might've guessed that one.) With less than 7 percent milk fat, it's not as rich as ice cream, which has at least 10 percent.


semifreddo dessert
Credit: Photography by Jennifer Causey

Semifreddo ("half-cold" in Italian) has the texture of frozen mousse and is usually loaf-shaped and served sliced. Semifreddo is hard to find in stores, so snag a taste when you spot it on the dessert menu.

Soft Serve

soft serve chocolate vanilla twist
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A cone of this is a melty race against the clock because it's served about 11 degrees warmer than ice cream. All the machine-churned air keeps it light in both senses—it's fluffy and has less fat, too.


gelato cup
Credit: Photography by Jennifer Causey

Although gelato means "ice cream" in Italian, this is slowly churned for richness, has more milk and less cream than ice cream, and is served about 10 to 15 degrees warmer for a silkier scoop.