7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

Make your ramen rock with these tasty mix-ins and toppings.
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block of Ramen noodles

American Cheese

stacked slices of American cheese

Drape a slice over cooked ramen and watch it melt like a warm, comforting cheesy blanket. Stir it up for a creamy broth.

Seaweed Snacks

Stack of seaweed squares

For that ramen-shop look, garnish your bowl with a square or two. It’ll dissolve for a hit of extra-briny, umami-packed flavor.


one brown egg

A soft-boiled egg is a classic ramen topper, but you can also crack one into the hot broth, then stir until it’s rich and silky, à la egg drop soup.

Fresh Veggies

half of red cabbage

Slice ’em thinly and drop into the pot with the seasoning packet. The veggies will be crisp-tender when the noodles are done.

Spicy Things

glass jar of homemade hot sauce

Hot sauce, a teaspoon of Thai curry paste, pickled jalapeños, kimchi, or crushed red pepper—all of these will finish your bowl with a kick.


pile of fresh-chopped green onion

We always marvel at what a dash of fresh green can do for a dish. Cilantro, parsley, chives—any chopped herb will liven up those noodles.

Crunchy Stuff

pile of crunchy topping

Add fried onions (the green bean topper), crumbled bacon, sesame seeds, or bean sprouts. Then slurp and munch!