How to Shuck Oysters in 4 Easy Steps

“I’ve showed thousands of people how to shuck oysters,” says Jules Opton-Himmel of Walrus and Carpenter Oysters. “And I’ve never met someone I couldn’t teach.” Read on for your lesson.
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oyster shucking school step 1

Step 1

Put on some oyster-shucking gloves (yes, you need them), then hold the oyster in your palm, rounded-side down.

oyster shucking school step 2

Step 2

Find the groove in the pointy end. Push an oyster knife into the groove until it’s stuck. You should be able to hold the oyster on the knife like a lollipop.

oyster shucking school step 3

Step 3

Twist the knife like a key in a lock to pop the shell open. Gently slide the knife in and pry off the top, cutting through the adductor muscle.

oyster shucking school step 4

Step 4

Run your knife around the edge of the shell to cut the oyster loose from the bottom, being careful not to mangle the meat. Done!

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