The Best Weeknight Shortcuts for Better Dinners

A great and surprising weeknight dinner does not require lots of prep or hours of meal planning on the weekends. Use our genius shortcuts to streamline your cooking and make even a simple Tuesday night dinner taste like a masterpiece.
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Recipes by Lauren Schaefer

Make-Your-Own Mixes

premade breadcrumb coating in glass bowl

Sure, you could buy this stuff, but DIY versions take 5 minutes and are cheaper and tastier than boxed mixes. 

Weeknight Shortcut: Make-Your-Own Mixes

Find Your Formula

bacon greens pasta ingredient formula

Can't decide what to cook? These quick ideas will help you leverage what you have on hand so you can stop thinking—and start eating. 

Weeknight Shortcut: Find Your Formula

Freeze Everything

Frozen Cubes

Instead of doing full-on meal prep, just freeze your leftover ingredients—like that half of an onion on the cutting board or the lonely lemon that needs to be used now

Weeknight Shortcut: Freeze Everything

Use Your Microwave

quick breakfast toast eggs bacon

Think you don't have time for a real meal in the morning? Your microwave begs to differ. 

Weeknight Shortcut: Use Your Microwave

Revamp Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken

It's the ultimate supermarket shortcut. Here are 12 ways to bust out of your rotisserie-chicken rut. 

Weeknight Shortcut: Revamp Rotisserie Chicken

Rethink Your Utensil Drawer

kitchen utensils

Step away from the single-use gadgets. These multitaskers will help you speed through all kinds of kitchen tasks. 

Weeknight Shortcut: Rethink Your Utensil Drawer