Get the best of the summer glut.

grilled corn with togarashi-ginger butter
Photography by Kate Mathis
| Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

BUY: The freshest cobs have snug husks with soft golden silk. When you peel back the husk, the kernels should be plump and sit in tightly spaced rows. 

STORE: To preserve moisture and flavor for a few more days, leave the corn in its husk and refrigerate, keeping it away from strongly scented foods (like that halved onion) so it doesn't absorb their odors. 

PREP: This time of year, corn is so sweet that you can cut it off the cob; toss it with EVOO, salt, and pepper; and eat it raw. If you're boiling corn, remove the silk under running water. While you shuck, bring a large pot of water to a boil—but don't add salt. It may toughen the kernels. For great-looking grilled corn, brush the corn with oil and grill until charred in spots, about 12 minutes.