Summer is high time for green beans (a.k.a. snap beans or string beans). These tips will help you keep them fresher longer—and cook them up in a snap!

Greek Green Beans
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How to shop for green beans

Look for crisp, brightly colored beans. Hold one and bend it in half—a fresh bean will snap cleanly. If you spot haricots verts, grab 'em—these thinner French green beans are more tender than the regular ones.

How to store green beans

Keep green beans in the fridge. They're fairly hardy, so they'll stay fresh for about a week. Since moisture causes most produce to spoil more quickly, don't wash green beans until you're ready to use them.

How to prep green beans

The "string bean" name comes from the tough string that used to run along the length of a bean. These days, the strings have been bred out of most varieties, so all you have to do to prep 'em is slice or snap off the tough stem ends before cooking. Don't trim the wispy ends. They are not only edible but also so pretty!