Who has time to make an extra shopping trip for hostess gifts? Try one of these foodie tricks using products that are all available at your local supermarket (or on Amazon!).

hands tying twine around fabric and wine bottle
Photography by Anais & Dax/August Image
| Credit: Photography by Anais & Dax/August Image

1. Stock her pantry

Splurge on a pricier bottle of olive oil ($25 will get you something special) and pair it with a fancy vinegar. Then use a festive ribbon to attach a card with your favorite salad dressing recipe—practical and thoughtful!

2. Raise her spirits

Know the hosts like red? Pick it up along with a festive wine stopper. Or if she's more of a cocktail person, gather the fixings for a Moscow mule or a Bloody Mary and add a handwritten recipe and note.

3. Flavor her food

Good salt makes everything better. You can't go wrong with a nice bottle of plain sea salt. But try looking for a flavor she might not usually buy for herself—smoked, sriracha, or truffle—so it feels extra special.

4. Make her breakfast

Nothing's worse than waking up after a party with nothing to eat. Help out your host with a morning-after breakfast bundle: a bottle of good maple syrup, pancake mix, and gourmet coffee