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Renew You!
Help your stem cells help you with tips from Dr. William Li
Is Wine a Health Food?
The wellness biz would have you believe so. With labels like biodynamic, organic, and the latest (and Cameron Diaz–approved) “clean” wine, there’s a lot to sift through. Rita Jammet, Rach’s pal and La Caravelle Champagne’s Chief Bubble Officer, is here to help.
Immunity, Improved
2020 was a heck of a year—one that reminded us just how important a good immune system is. Dr. William Li, author of Eat to Beat Disease, is no stranger to the topic. He shares the key things you can do right now to boost your body’s main defense system.
How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays, According to Dr. Li
The holidays are a time to relax the rules, but a month of overdoing it on food, booze, downtime, and stress takes a toll. Rach's pal Dr. William Li shares his tips for finding balance so you can start the new year happy and healthy.
How to Keep Your Heart Healthy, According to Dr. William Li
Fact: The number one thing you can do to take care of your health is protect your heart. Dr. William Li, one of Rach's go-to MDs, shares what you should and shouldn't do to keep your ticker—and the rest of your body—in top shape.
6 Foods To Eat for Stress Relief
If you've been feeling extra-stressed lately, add these six foods to your diet to help bring about some natural calm.

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Why You Should Eat Food Scraps, According to Dr. Li
Americans throw away 30 percent of the food we buy. That's bad for the planet—and those tossaway bits have major health benefits, too. Dr. William Li, author of 'Eat to Beat Disease' and Rach's fave health guru, shows how the food you toss could save your life.
Tips to Manage Eating While Working from Home
If you've already eaten three breakfasts today (and one of those "breakfasts" was cookies), these tips are for you.
4 Tips to Keep Sickness at Bay this Winter

Tis the season—for the cold and flu. And chances are, someone in your household will catch something. Here's how to keep the rest from following suit.