Halo Top is at it again with a new pint flavor, and you can get in on the frozen fun this coming Sunday, July 15th.


National Ice Cream Day is upon us—this Sunday, July 15, to be exact. I'm not usually the type to get hyped over these fake holidays. But when it comes to the frozen creamy stuff, I can't resist a little celebrating. And this year, it feels a little like Christmas because my favorite healthier choice ice cream brand, Halo Top, is releasing another new limited edition flavor: Peanut Butter & Jelly.

HaloTop_PBJ_PR_White_CBS1 (3)

Once again, we got our hands on a few early sample pints (so brand spankin' new that they're not even in this packaging yet). Because, well, we're a food magazine. This is what we do. But the cool spin that Halo Top is putting on this launch, which will be in grocery stores in early August while supplies last, is that YOU, the people—Halo Top fans and general ice cream enthusiasts—also have a chance to sample Peanut Butter & Jelly completely free before it hits shelves.

How, you ask? On July 15, 1,000 folks will be able to get an exclusive first taste through halotop.com/new by following the link and entering the code HALOTOPPB&J at checkout. Keep in mind, only the first thousand will get the goods, so maybe stay up late and set an alarm to remind yourself to log on. Trust me, this nostalgic flavor, which features peanut butter ice cream with swirls of strawberry flavoring sprinkled with cannoli bites, is worth it.

pb 2

And if you miss your chance, don't worry. August is only a few short weeks away. Ugh! So sad to see summer go, but this is the perfect flavor to get in the back-to-school mood. And if you want to celebrate the "Rachael Ray Every Day" style, check out this awesome PB&J Ice Cream Pie our test kitchen came up with. Happy National Ice Cream Day!