There are some genius uses for what's in that square orange box.

box of Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda
Photography by Caitlin Bensel
| Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

1. Soothe a Burn

Make a paste with baking soda and water, then carefully spread it over the burn to ease the ouch. Also works for bee stings!

2. Tame the Trash

You probably already stash a box in the back of your fridge to keep odors at bay, but you can sprinkle some in the bottom of your trash can, too.

3. Scrub Stuff

Dust the inside of that marinara-stained plastic food-saver with baking soda and add a little water to make a slurry, then scrub those stains away. The same trick will work on that silicone spatula that smells like last night's curry.

4. Stop a Smoking Oven

Oops. You filled that lasagna pan a bit too high, and now it's bubbling all over the oven. Sprinkle some baking soda over the drip zone to instantly stop the smoke.