This year, the legendary hot sauce turns 150. In honor of the uniquely American condiment, here are some fun facts to spice up your cocktail party conversation.

bottle of tabasco hot sauce
Photography by Kristada Panichgul
| Credit: Photography by Kristada Panichgul

1. It takes five years(!) to make a bottle of Tabasco, starting with seed selection. The ripe peppers are hand-harvested and mashed with salt. That mixture rests for three years in white oak barrels before it's blended with vinegar, stirred for 28 days, strained, and finally bottled. Phew!

2. The hot sauce once came with a warning saying it "should always be mixed with your gravy, vinegar, or other condiment before using." Apparently, people thought it was too hot to handle!

3. Singer Selena Gomez allegedly seasons her popcorn Texan-style: with Tabasco and pickle juice. Yum!