5 Recipes for Better Work Lunches

These five easy recipes will make you actually look forward to eating at your desk.
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diy desk picnic lunch in bento box and ice tea

Recipes by Jenny Park

DIY Desk Picnic

toast meats and cheeses served in a bento box

Make tasty toast and pack it up with your favorite meats and cheeses for a fun mix-and-match lunch, best served in a cute sectioned box. Pottery Barn Kids Spencer Bento Box, ($17).

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Apple Pie Energy Bites

round apple pie energy bites

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Chicken-Ginger Dumpling Egg Drop Soup

chicken-ginger dumpling egg drop soup served in an orange bowl

Pack this takeout mash-up in a thermos to keep it hot, and then pour it into a pretty bowl at your desk. Zojirushi 17-Ounce Food Jar, ($31). West Elm Low Bowl in Adobe Rose, ($10).

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Cobb Salad Sandwiches

crustless cobb salad sandwiches

This pretty sandwich is crustless and cut into thirds, which gives it a high-tea vibe. Takenaka Expanded Bento Box, ($32).

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Spaghetti Pie

spaghetti pie served with pesto

Pack your spaghetti pie in a salad container with a little pot for dressing that’s perfect for your pesto. Rubbermaid Brilliance Salad Storage Container, ($16).

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