Our Five Favorite New Snacks this Month - Rachael Ray In Season

Five Snacks from the Grocery Store Aisles We're Loving This Month

From salty to sweet, crunchy to creamy, here's the new stuff we're noshing on now.
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Cheddar Moon Cheese ($3.99 for a 2-oz. bag)

moon cheese cheddar snack

These super-concentrated cheddar bombs are the snack I’d take to a deserted island. —Tara Cox, executive managing editor

Alter Eco Classic Dark Truffles ($7.99 for a 4.2-oz. bag of 10)

alter eco classic dark truffles

The snappy coating and rich, creamy center crushed my 3 p.m. dark-chocolate craving. —Janet Taylor McCracken, food director

Babybel Mini Rolls ($3.89 for a 2.99-oz. bag of five)

babybel mini rolls cheese

Babybel rocks at fun-to-eat cheese. Now its cheddar comes in a peelable pinwheel that I want to turn into a desk toy. —Aliza Gans, associate food editor

Mcclure’s Lil’ Pickle Snack Packs, Dill ($2.79 for a 2.2-oz. bag)

mcclures lil pickle snack packs dill

These pickle pouches are my 10-calorie solution for midday cravings. —Tara Holland, assistant food editor

Nora Snacks Original Tempura ($3.99 for a 1.6-oz. bag)

nora snacks original tempura

The airy crispiness of a pork rind meets the umami-rich punch of roasted seaweed, a.k.a. my spirit snack. —Alyse Whitney, senior food editor