These fermented grocery finds are tasty and gut-healthy.

Bubbies Spicy Kosher Dills ($7.99 for a 33-ounce jar)

bubbies spicy kosher dill pickles
Credit: Photo Courtesy Bubbies

The cool crunch of these cukes cuts the heat, but dig deeper into the jar to fish out the spicy peppers. Because this mix is naturally fermented, it packs an effervescent tang and a probiotic punch. —Kelsie Schrader, editorial assistant

Olympia Provisions Saucisson Sec ($12 for 4.5 ounces)

olymppia provisions saucisson sec
Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

I love the black pepper and garlic in this melt-in-your-mouth sausage. It's got an extra boost of umami thanks to European-style dry curing, a type of fermentation. Slice it thinly to make it last. —Vanessa Garcia, associate photo editor

Noosa Coconut Yoghurt ($1.19 for 4 ounces)

noose coconut yogurt container
Credit: Photo Courtesy Noosa

Noosa is thicker and creamier than most yogurts and not as tart. Real coconut cream makes every spoonful taste like you're indulging in a tropical crème brûlée. —Hillary Maglin, editorial intern

Jongga Spicy Kimchi Pouch ($2.10 for 2.8 ounces)

jongga sliced korean kimchi
Credit: Photo Courtesy Jongga

Real talk: Kimchi is yummy but stinky. The aroma wafts from my lunch box—not how I like to be remembered on the subway. Now I'm set with these single-serve pouches. —Aliza Gans, associate food editor