These companies are dedicated to high-quality beverages for all types of drinkers.

Owen's Craft Mixers
| Credit: Owen's Craft Mixers

The sober-curious trend is far from slowing down. What began as a short-term effort to cut down on drinking at the start of the New Year has morphed into a long-term health and wellness effort that continues to expand its reach with sober bars. Now, there's an abundance of non-alcoholic mixers hitting the markets to give consumers more ways to drink without drinking. 

Here are five high-quality non-alcoholic mixers we're loving right now.

Owen's Craft Mixers

When Owen's began, its owners set out to create the best-tasting cocktail mixer—ever. That dedication to quality means sobriety is no less fun or flavorful. The four flavors of mixes are great alone or with a fresh garnish like basil or raspberries.

Flavors: mint, cucumber, and lime; ginger beer and lime; tonic water and lime; grapefruit and lime

Curious Elixirs

The brains behind Curious Elixirs couldn't find non-alcoholic drinks that tasted good and were good for you, so they made their own. The company sells four "craft cocktails without the booze," all of which are free of artificial ingredients, added sugars, and GMOs. They're also fair-trade and made with as many organic ingredients as possible. 

Flavors: Curious No. 1 (herbaceous pomegranate); Curious No. 2 (spicy ginger-pineapple); Curious No. 3 (floral cucumber-lemon); Curious No. 4 (cool blood orange-mandarin)

Owl's Brew

Owl's brewers wanted a lighter, fresher additive to cocktails, so they turned to their favorite non-alcoholic drink: tea. Now, they sell five tea-based all-natural mixers made in small batches from organic tea, fruits, herbs, and spices—never any added or artificial flavors. Sure, they're made for cocktails, but they're just as great alone or mixed with something fizzy.

Flavors: watermelon margarita; chai piña colada; citrus sweet tea; strawberry Manhattan; margarita


Seedlip wants to be "what you drink when you're not drinking" by offering the highest-quality non-alcoholic drinks on the market. The owners created the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirits and currently offer three flavors of top-tier drinks for those looking to drink less. 

Flavors: Garden 108 (hand-picked peas and hay); Spice 94 (lemon and grapefruit); Grove 42 (orange and mandarin) 

Liber & Co.

Exceptional syrups are just as crucial to a good cocktail as exceptional liquors are. Liber & Co. decided to champion that cause by creating house-made syrups from fresh ingredients. Add them to a tonic or any other drink for a world-class beverage.

Flavors: Caramalized Fig; Rio Red Grapefruit Cordial; Blood Orange Cordial; Demerara Gum; Classic Gum; Pineapple Gum; Real Grenadine; Almond Orgeat; Tropical Passionfruit; Fiery Ginger; Texas Grapefruit Shrub; Premium Tonic