15 Fast & Fresh Ideas

Fun, delicious food that you can make in 30 minutes—or less.
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1. Bee Sting Brussels Sprouts

bee sting brussel sprout

Recipe: Try our Bee Sting Brussels Sprouts 

2. Maple-Sesame Roasted Radishes

Maple-Sesame Roasted Radishes

Recipe: Try our Maple-Sesame Roasted Radishes

3. Lemon Parfaits

Lemon Parfaits

Recipe: Try our Lemon Parfaits

4. Done & Dusted

Paprika Sifter

To make your Deviled Egg Toasts Insta-worthy, put the paprika in a small sieve so you get a pretty, even dusting.

5. Deviled Egg Toasts

Deviled Egg Toasts

Recipe: Try our Deviled Egg Toasts

6. Rotini with Cauliflower Rice & Sausage

Rotini with Cauliflower Rice & Sausage

Recipe: Try our Rotini with Cauliflower Rice & Sausage

7. Curried Chicken & Carrot Salad Sandwiches

Curried Chicken & Carrot Salad Sandwiches

Recipe: Try our Curried Chicken & Carrot Salad Sandwiches

8. Pineapple Grapefruit Spritz

PineappleGrapefruit Spritz

Recipe: Try our Pineapple Grapefruit Spritz

9. Grilled Short Ribs with Scallions & Rice


Recipe: Try our Grilled Short Ribs with Scallions & Rice

10. Beet-Cured Salmon

Beet-Cured Salmon

Recipe: Try our Beet-Cured Salmon

11. Cheater's Chorizo & Chickpea Taco Recipe

Cheater’s Chorizo & Chickpea Tacos

Recipe: Try our Cheater's Chorizo & Chickpea Taco Recipe

12. Pork Chops with Blood Oranges, Fennel & Olives

Pork Chops with Blood Oranges, Fennel & Olives

Recipe: Try our Pork Chops with Blood Oranges, Fennel & Olives

13. Roasted Blood Orange Sorbet

Roasted Blood Orange Sorbet

Recipe: Try our Roasted Blood Orange Sorbet

14. Tastier Tuna


We’re fans of tuna packed in oil, which comes in tins and jars and has a richer flavor and a meatier texture than standard tuna packed in water. For the best flavor, read the label to make sure the fish is packed in olive oil instead of soybean oil.

15. Mediterranean Niçoise Salad

Mediterranean Nicoise Salad

Recipe: Try our Mediterranean Niçoise Salad

It's Blood Orange Season

sliced grilled blood oranges

What’s inside matters most—especially when it comes to vibrant blood oranges. They’re at their peak from December to April.

Buy: Go for fruit that feels firm and heavy (read: juicy). Some varieties have blush markings on the skin; others are more uniformly orange. The flesh ranges from speckled red to deep burgundy, but it’s hard to tell from the skin what color you’ll get. (That’s part of the charm!)

Store: Ripe blood oranges will keep for several days on the counter or for a couple of weeks in the fridge. If you buy them in bulk, remove them from the bag to avoid moisture from forming, which can lead to mold.

Prep: Most blood orange varieties are easy to peel and have few seeds, which makes prep easy. Like many other citrus fruits, blood oranges are often coated with wax polish, so scrub the fruit under warm water if you plan to use the peel.