9 Easy Toppers to Instantly Upgrade Your Soup

Make any bowl a little more special (and a lot more delicious!) by topping it with something tasty. Try one of the ideas from the categories below, or layer on a few to create a soup that really sings.
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Rich & Creamy

illustration of spoon with yogurt

Swirlable Dairy

Stir in a spoonful of yogurt, crème fraîche, or sour cream. If needed, thin with a little water to make it easier to swirl.

illustration of spoon with yogurt

Any Cheese

Choose a cheese that complements your soup. Think Parm with minestrone, or cheddar with cream of broccoli.

illustration of EVOO drizzle

A Little Oil

Looking for an alternative to dairy? A drizzle of EVOO adds a hit of richness and is particularly pretty on pureed soups.

Crispy & Crunchy

illustration of goldfish crackers

Bready Things

A handful of croutons, pretty much any cracker, or even some diced toast will add a carby crunch.

illustration of pile of nuts

Toasted Nuts

Try pepitas on top of butternut squash soup, or slivered toasted almonds on your tomato soup.

illustration of blue chips

Choose A Chip

Crush a handful of tortilla chips over chowder, or double down with potato chips on potato soup.

Fresh & Bright

illustration of pile of herbs

Green Stuff

Try cilantro, parsley, or chives—or snag one of those little packs of super-flavorful microgreens and sprinkle them on.

illustration of radish slice


Thinly sliced rounds or slim matchsticks add color and bite. Pile on top of chicken noodle or tortilla soup, or add to a bowl of posole.

illustration of citrus zest

Citrus Zest

An easy way to add some zing: Try lemon zest in your beef stew, or lime zest in any soup made with coconut milk.

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