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The Easiest Way to Candy Fruit Zest

It saves sooo much time—and tastes better!
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Extra-Fruity Candied Citrus Zest

Extra-Fruity Candied Citrus Zest

For years, we’ve been making candied citrus zest the same way: cutting the peel off the fruit before boiling it in water, then in sugar syrup, and rolling it in white sugar. But we recently discovered a better method. If you halve the fruit, boil it until tender, then remove the rind, it’s much easier to get all the peel (just scoop out the fruit), and the finished zest has even more fruity flavor. Another game-changer? The option of using brown sugar instead of white. White sugar will give you the classic sparkly look and a pure, sweet, orange flavor. Brown sugar adds some caramely notes to the finished zest, and the candied coating will be slightly finer and a little less sparkly. Ready to give it a shot? Use our foolproof recipe to make a batch of this irrezestible treat.

Recipe: Try Our Extra-Fruity Candied Citrus Zest