Pretty up your punch bowl with a festive DIY ice wreath. Here's how.
bundt pan ice mold
Photography by Caitlin Bensel
| Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

Pick a Pan

You'll need a ring-shaped vessel, like a Bundt pan or a gelatin ring mold. Or improvise by centering a ramekin in a round cake pan, then weigh the ramekin down with pie weights or marbles. 

See Clearly 

When frozen, water usually clouds up. To keep your ice ring as clear as possible, boil filtered water, let it cool, then boil and cool it again. 

Fill ’er Up

Add an inch of the twice-boiled water to the pan, then add half your decorations. (Use fruit or herbs or edible flowers, or a mix of all of those.) Freeze until the water is partially frozen, about 2 hours or so. Then add more water and the rest of your decorations. Freeze until solid, for at least 1 day. Many ingredients float, so this two-step process will make sure they're evenly embedded. When you're ready to unmold, dip the pan in hot water for a minute or so to loosen the ice ring. Place it in a punch bowl, add the punch, and get the party started!