Kids Who Cook: Burger Night with Ziggy Marley and His Family

The reggae icon makes burgers with his brood and explains why cooking together is about much more than getting dinner on the table.
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ziggy marley with children preparing quinoa

Ziggy, Gideon (center), and Judah work together on a quinoa salad that’s the perfect go-with for tuna burgers.

At home, Ziggy Marley, the eight-time Grammy winner and son of reggae legend Bob Marley, is just another dad trying to get his kid to eat his breakfast. 

“My seven-year-old son, Abraham, really doesn’t like oatmeal, but he loves ninjas,” says Ziggy. “So I told him, ‘This is ninja practice. Use your mind to overcome the oatmeal. Don’t let the oatmeal defeat you.’ It took him 30 minutes to finish a tablespoon, but it’s a start.”

When Ziggy’s not doing oatmeal ninja training, he’s likely cooking with his kids (he and his wife, Orly, have four). Judah, 13, is an enthusiastic sous chef. “She loves to be in the kitchen and thinks she’s on Top Chef,” says Ziggy. “I always tell her to slow down and watch those fingers.” Gideon, 11, pitches in to mix up easy things like quinoa salad, while Isaiah, 2, gives out hugs. And Abraham? He probably just zipped out of the kitchen to kick the soccer ball around in the backyard. 

“The kitchen is where we get together,” Ziggy says. “We can share things easier if we’re together and cooking and eating. Cooking also helps the kids learn how to be self-sufficient—and how to clean up after themselves! It’s not just about food—cooking is about life.”

ziggy marley in kitchen preparing food

"Music sets the tempo for my cooking," says Ziggy. "Music and food are both all about timing and rhythm. Sometimes I'll dance around the kitchen while I'm cooking."

music note on black

Rock out to tunes that Ziggy Marley listens to in the kitchen, including a track from his new album, Rebellion Rises, with this Spotify playlist.

ziggy marleys kids hugging and playing soccer

Gideon, Isaiah, and Judah take a hug break (left). While Ziggy mans the grill, Abraham and Isaiah get in a little soccer practice (right).

Ahi Tuna Burgers

ziggy marleys ahi tuna burgers

When Ziggy was a kid, he liked hamburgers. Now that he doesn’t eat meat, a tuna patty satisfies his burger cravings.

Recipe: Try Ziggy's Ahi Tuna Burgers

Spicy Pickled Cucumbers

ziggy marleys spicy pickled cucumbers

Recipe: Try Ziggy's Spicy Pickled Cucumbers

Sweet Potato Oven Fries

ziggy marleys sweet potato oven fries

Recipe: Try Ziggy's Sweet Potato Oven Fries

Summer Quinoa Salad

ziggy marleys summer quinoa salad

Quinoa, on its own or mixed with veggies, herbs, and cheese, is a staple at the Marley house.

Recipe: Try Ziggy's Summer Quinoa Salad

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