We tried dozens of dark milk chocolate bars and found the best, bar none.

dark milk chocolate bars
Photography by Shestock/Blend/Offset
| Credit: Photography by Shestock/Blend/Offset

Can chocolate be dark and milk? Now it can! Many small-batch chocolate companies have started selling bars that satisfy both cravings. A little background: As defined by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's regulation, milk chocolate has to contain at least 10 percent cacao. Dark chocolate does not have a regulated standard of identity but typically contains 55 to 80 percent cacao. (Although it can go as high as 100 percent for bars with serious bite.) Dark milk chocolate falls in and around the 45 to 55 percent cacao range. "Dark-chocolate fans love the deep fudgy cocoa flavors and that it's lower in sugar," says Brad Kintzer, chief chocolate maker at TCHO, a California-based chocolate company. "Milk fans are surprised by how well the milk softens the rough edges that typically accompany dark chocolate." White-chocolate eaters, you're still on your own.

3 Dark Milk Bars We Love

Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee Chocolate

This bar ($5.49) is crunchy, salty, sweet, and the perfect intro to darker chocolate. Plus, Tony's is working to end illegal labor practices in the cocoa industry.

TCHO Milk Chocolate Cacao

At 53 percent cacao, this award-winning milk-chocolate bar ($3.99) falls in the dark-milk range. It impressed milk- and dark- chocolate–loving staffers alike.

Fruition Chocolate Hudson Valley Bourbon Dark Milk

This yummy bar ($9.95) is made from roasted cacao nibs aged with wood barrel staves and bourbon and walks the line between bitter and sweet.