How Coolhaus Ice Cream founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller get their carb fanatic 2-year-old, Remy, to eat his veggies

moms and son making pizza outside
Remy lends a helping hand on what-he-calls- “za-za” night.
| Credit: Photography by Jake Stangel

He's only two, but Remy Estreller-Case already knows that his moms, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, have the coolest job. The married power couple behind Los Angeles–based Coolhaus—specializing in artisan ice cream sandwiches and wacky pints—always have something sweet in the freezer. And Remy's wise to that fact. "He will go to the freezer, open the door, and point to the shiny foil packaging of our sandwiches," Freya says. "We're like, 'Oh no! He knows!' "

family making home made ice cream in kitchen
Credit: Photography by Jake Stangel

Luckily, Remy is also curious about their backyard garden. He waddles around, picking, sniffing, and sometimes nibbling on whatever's growing. "He tries a tiny amount and goes back for more, even bitter greens or herbs," Natasha says. "Kids surprise you!"

mother and son picking herbs in the garden
Credit: Photography by Jake Stangel

The moms capitalize on Remy's curiosity to get more veggies into his meals. "He is a carb fanatic," Freya says with a laugh. "So we figured out that cauliflower-crust pizza will get him to eat vegetables without realizing it. He also loves anything tomato: ketchup, red sauce, and even underripe tomatoes." Remy requests pizza by his nickname for it: "za-za."

For dinner, they top cauli crusts with Burrata, shallots, cherry tomatoes, kale chips, and a squeeze of Meyer lemon. Then it's ice cream time: mint chip sandwiched between double chocolate cookies. "He'll have a quarter of a sandwich and eat it all by himself," Freya says. "It's cute that he likes it so much."

little boy eating dirty ice cream sandwich
Credit: Photography by Jake Stangel

To celebrate their second Mother's Day, Freya and Natasha plan to stay home with Remy's grandmas. "When we became mothers, our appreciation for our own moms skyrocketed," Freya says. The moms are so thankful to have Remy that Natasha adds, "Every day is like Mother's Day for us." That may be the sweetest thing of all.

family cutting garden pizza outside
Credit: Photography by Jake Stangel

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