The Surprising Truth About Coconut Water

We bet you had no idea.
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Raise your hand if you've ever taken a sip of coconut water. Now raise your hand if it's either been clear or a kind of cloudy white color (like the coconut meat itself). 

We can't see you, but we're guessing you raised your hand. Twice.

If you're drinking straight from the coconut, that makes sense. But if you're sipping from a bottle, get this: Coconut water, if it's 100% juice, should actually be pink! At least that's what Harmless Harvest's says Director of Marketing and Innovation Jenna Stephenson says:

"Coconut water contains naturally occurring variations in levels of antioxidants that can turn pink. Some bottles turn pink with time. We could use additives to hide the color change, but then we would not be embracing nature." 

Pink or clear, coconut water can help put you back on your feet after a night of drinking, or it makes a great addition to alcoholic drinks. We also love it in smoothies, to help settle an upset stomach, or give you an energy boost after a workout.

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