Grow microgreens indoors (even in dark and dreary winter) with this cool new tool.

Chef’n microgreens grower
Photography by Caitlin Bensel
| Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

It's nothing short of miraculous: Throw some seeds onto dirt, water them for a few days, and, boom, you've got plants. OK, germination is nothing new, but it's the kind of boost I really need when it's a frozen wasteland out there—and the Microgreens Grower ($30) from Chef'n brings spring to my desk, no sunlight required. All I did was hydrate the soil cakes in the tray (they fluff up into rich dirt like magic), sprinkle in the alfalfa and radish seeds that come with the kit, pop on the cover for three days for that (good) greenhouse effect, remove the cover, and leave the rest to the boss, Mother Nature. In two days, little green coils were peeping out. Within a week, the stems were long enough to snip. Farm-to-table had nothing on me—nor did the expensive, half-wilted microgreens at my grocery store. The nutrient-packed seedlings tasted pleasantly peppery, and I got used to nibbling on them instead of stress-eating chips. If I'd grown them on my kitchen counter, I'd have used them to brighten up all the fried, starchy, braised, brown food I'm craving right now. This time of year, it's all about the small victories.