We asked women who have faced the diagnosis how they show themselves a little love.

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"I try to keep busy: I'm involved with my church. I like to exercise. I love to travel. I enjoy spending time with my family. Life is beautiful and we should live it to the fullest. Take advantage of every day. It's a gift!" –Ruby Rodriguez

"Since I was diagnosed, my life has slowed down. I worked a lot before, always trying to do too much. I've started focusing more on quality time with children, grandchildren, and, most important, my husband. I'm not trying to be the be-all to everyone— I'm letting them take care of me as well." –Theresa De Los Reyes

"I think it's so important to continue to live to the best capacity that you can. For people with metastatic breast cancer especially, self-care looks different based on how you're feeling. For some people, it might just involve being able to get out of bed and eat a bite of their favorite food." –Judit Saunders

"I found an amazing group of women called the Breasties, a nonprofit that helps young women going through cancer. We support one another; let each other cry, laugh, vent. Everyone understands what it's like because they've gone through it. I also meditate, set intentions, dance, practice yoga, and, overall, lead a clean, healthy lifestyle. No matter what, I'm always grateful for the life I have." –Danielle Tropsa

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