From the travel to the stress to the parties, the holidays can completely throw off your workout routine. But they don’t have to! We rounded up five fitness apps that let you get your sweat on when you want, where you want (including your in-laws’ guest bedroom).
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Illustration by Hanna Barczyk
| Credit: Illustration by Hanna Barczyk

"Even when you're busy, you can at least jump rope for 10 minutes a day," says celebrity trainer Amanda Kloots.

AKT on Demand

From celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser (the cardio guru behind Shakira's killer legs), this app is like So You Think You Can Dance, the Workout. All you need is a yoga mat and dumbbells and you're ready to jump into Kaiser's high-energy series. Start with a 10-minute express workout, then kick it into high gear with a 75-minute full-body video. Classes are added every week, so your muscles won't know what's coming next.

Beachbody on Demand

$99 for 12 months

Equal-opportunity fitness fans who like to alternate chaturangas with high-intensity interval-training (HIIT) sessions—or anyone who loves seeing trainer Shaun T. dance his way to a six-pack on late-night infomercials—should get this app. It has more than 700 workouts to choose from, including well-known 21- to 90-day programs, like Insanity or P90X (yes, the workout that House Speaker Paul Ryan does).

Pure Barre on Demand

Don't install a ballet barre in your living room just yet. As long as you have a chair or a wall, you can roll out of bed and pulse your way to toned abs, arms, and legs with these streaming barre workouts from 5 to 60 minutes long. And if you're new to barre, quick intro videos will teach you the form and lingo you need. If you're looking for a harder sweat sesh, pair a class with a set of light weights. 

ClassPass Live

$15 per month

Need a little friendly competition to kick it into high gear? This app lets you see how you stack up against other users in real time via a heart rate monitor and Google Chromecast. (Both are included in the ClassPass starter pack.) Live full-body workout classes are taught by New York City trainers and air weekday mornings and evenings. Can't make the timing work? Choose from the pretaped on-demand options. 


From $10 per month

Roll out your mat, angle your computer's camera toward you, and get ready to down-dog your holiday anxiety away. Yogaia's certified yoga instructors will be able to see—and correct—your movements in real time. But if you'd rather do your Warrior III without an audience, you can opt out of this feature. Either way, the other students won't ever be able to see you.

Self-Care On the Road

Three ways to stay fit, no matter where you are:

1. Jump Around

Your carry-on has just enough space for a small exercise accessory. Not weights! You don't want to lug those around the airport. A jump rope is light, compact, and travel-ready. We like Amanda Kloots's cute and adjustable AK! Jump Rope ($40)

2. Cook at "Home"

Dining out can wreak havoc on your diet (and your digestion). Look for hotel chains that offer in-room kitchens, and hit up the grocery store for breakfast staples and healthy snacks.

3. Take IRL Classes

If tree poses in your hotel room aren't doing it for you, try MINDBODY. The free app lets you browse and book nearby workout classes and wellness services—super helpful when you're in a new city. Tech, yeah!