When the temperature drops, you need a heavy-duty brew. These rich, dark, hibernation-friendly stouts will keep you cozy all winter long.

variety of stout bottles and cans among glasses
Photography by Caitlin Bensel
| Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

It's Guinness, but extra. It has the classic carbonation and velvety foam, but this heavy-duty version is fuller bodied and more alcoholic than the original—and practically made for sipping in front of the fireplace.

North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

In the 1700s, English sailors brewed this style of stout for the sail to the Russian Empire. Notes of molasses and smoked oak helped the crew last the voyage. (Or maybe it was the high ABV.)

Left Hand Brewing Company Milk Stout Nitro

We're on board with any drink that reminds us of chocolate milk. This brew has a creamy body and a frothy head that coats your upper lip like a grown-up milk mustache.

Founders Brewing Company Breakfast Stout

Made with oats and two kinds of java, this bittersweet brew reminds us of black coffee, helping you make the case for having a stout with a stack of pancakes. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

Bell's Brewery Kalamazoo Stout

Stout hails from the U.K., but this Michigan brewery created its own version. This deep mocha ale has more hops and roasted malt than its English and Irish cousins for a darker, more robust flavor.