Checkout: 5 New Grocery Store Products We Love

Five new grocery-store treats you should grab
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Honest Tea lemon grove maple black tea

Honest Tea Lemon Grove Maple Black Tea ($2.19)

“It goes down crisp and fresh without any of that artificial lemon taste.” —Christina Izzo, features editor

GEM GEM Zesty Lemon Ginger Candy

Gem Gem Zesty Lemon Ginger Candy ($2.88)

“These chewy candies are heavy on the ginger, but there’s no burn, thanks to the lemon.” —Angela Carucci, lifestyle intern

Pillsbury Reeses peanut butter cookies

Pillsbury Reese's Peanut Butter Cookies ($3.29)

“These preportioned, ready-to-bake cookies have just the right crunchy-to-chewy ratio. Top with a Hershey’s Kiss and pop in the oven!” —Janet Taylor McCracken, test kitchen director

Health Warrior organic pumpkin seed bar

Health Warrior Organic Pumpkin Seed Bar ($1.99)

“This energy bar is actual food, including pumpkin seeds mixed in dark chocolate. Beat that!” —Lauren Iannotti, editor in chief

Roth cheddar snack cheese

Roth Cheddar Snack Cheese ($4.99 for six)

“I love the idea of individual cheese snacks for when late-afternoon hunger strikes. The creamy cheddar has just the right amount of bite.” —Geraldine Campbell, executive editor