The Best Mandolines, According to Our Test Kitchen

For paper-thin potato pieces, veggie matchsticks, or Instagram-worthy radish slices, you need a mandoline. We tested more than a dozen to find our favorites.
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OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer

oxo good grips hand-held mandoline slicer

This super-affordable, no-frills model is small and flat enough to fit in a drawer, has three thickness settings, and was sharp enough to cut tender tomatoes without turning them into mush. $15,

Urban Trend Mistral Mandoline Slicer

urban trend mistral mandoline slicer

Is speed your thing? Then this is the gadget for you. The double-sided blade cuts in both directions, and the sturdy base keeps it stable so you can focus on the food. $35,

PL8 Professional Mandoline

pl8 professional mandoline

If we’re being honest, this souped-up model won us over with its awesome waffle-cutting blade. (Hello, waffle fries!) When you’re not frying potatoes, you can choose from four thickness options and two julienne blades. $60,

Benriner Mandoline Slicer

benriner mandoline slicer

Serious home cooks and chefs are fans of this mandoline, which cuts wafer-thin slices with ease. But the instructions are minimal and the blades aren’t integrated and have to be manually switched out, so this one isn’t for beginners. $60,

oxo good grips cut resistant glove

Food holders and finger guards are great, but if you want extra protection, invest in a cut-resistant glove. We like the OXO Good Grips Cut Resistant Glove ($13), which comes in three sizes, is machine-washable, and works for righties and lefties.