Hauling cords of hickory, prepping slabs of meat, tending the smoker (and, hello, owning a smoker): Real barbecue is a ton of work. Mail-order 'cue to the rescue! We ate our way through a conference room full of meat to arrive at this smokin' selection.
barbecue brush with sauce
Photography by Jason Donnelly
| Credit: Photography by Jason Donnelly

Black’s Barbecue, Texas

Fatty End Brisket, $67.99 for 4 pounds (serves 8) 

So unctuous and scrumptious, this special brisket cut is hard to find at a butcher.

Jack Stack Barbecue, Kansas City, Missouri

BBQ Beef Burnt Ends, $40.95 for 1 pound (serves 2)

These smoky, tender morsels have craveable crispy edges.

Salt Lick BBQ, Texas

Roberts' Family Special, $34.95 for 1 rack of pork ribs and Original Recipe BBQ Sauce (serves 3)

This dramatic rack of ribs is already juicy and rub-crusted. Just glaze it with the sauce and reheat.