Why Bar Keeper's Friend is our go-to for all things kitchen cleaning.

Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser
Photography by Caitlin Bensel
| Credit: Photography by Caitlin Bensel

Tackling the messy aftermath of the Thanksgiving feast is a thankless job, so we love anything that lightens the load. Bar Keepers Friend, a scouring powder that dates back to 1882 and was originally sold exclusively to bars, is our go-to for erasing scuffs on sinks, knife scratches on plates, baked-on stains on casserole dishes, and those gravy splashes all over the stovetop. The brand makes several products, but we're partial to the original cleanser because it's cheap (about two bucks a can) and it's versatile, as long as the surface you're cleaning is nonporous (no marble or concrete) and can be thoroughly rinsed (no ovens or microwaves). It's just the thing you need to speed up your cleanup—because a Thanksgiving food coma waits for no one!