Is it really a miracle worker? The science is iffy at best, but many of our editors still swear by it.
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bragg organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Courtesy of Bragg
| Credit: Courtesy of Bragg

If you believe the hype, apple cider vinegar (a.k.a. ACV) is a health-food hero. Google it and you'll read that it can clear acne, tame tummy troubles, and even soothe jellyfish stings. 

For most of these claims, the science is iffy at best. Does it really burn fat or manage diabetes? The jury's out. 

Magic elixir or not, the stuff has legions of superfans, and no other brand boasts more enthusiastic cheerleaders than Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Its iconic label is a standout, but what really sets the stuff apart is that the bottle still has the "mother"—the web of protein enzymes that give the vinegar a cloudy look and bolster its good-for-you properties. 

Bottom line: We can't say for sure if drinking it daily will lower your blood pressure, but we can say it's delicious. So go forth and pickle, or use it in your favorite salad dressing for a zippy, fruity flavor.

Here's how Rachael Ray Every Day editors use ACV:

"I use it every day. I add a splash to water to make it taste better so I drink more; it's my go-to salad dressing, and I also use it as a face toner. It eliminates dead skin and restores skin's pH that's thrown out of whack by cleansing products. Every so often I'll kick back with a glass of wine and watch TV as I soak my feet in a AVC/water mixture. Afterwards dead skin practically slides off when you exfoliate or use a stick to push back cuticles. It can also get rid of weird, gross skin growths." — Tara Cox, managing editor

"I use it for salads. It's also good for pickling (pickled beets!!). And I pretty much use Bragg's exclusively." — Charles Grayauskie, test kitchen associate

"I'm also in the pickling and salad dressing camp. I do think that Bragg's ACV has a more complex, robust taste than other brands. Plus, who doesn't like the 70s-ish label? Just seeing the bottle on my shelf makes me smile. (It's the little things, people!)" — Nina Elder, executive food editor

"I use it for salad dressings, but nothing else. I'm pretty sure no food is a miracle worker and this one isn't the exception." — Geraldine Campbell, executive editor

"I love apple cider vinegar! It's bold-flavored, and fruity and tangy, and adds great acidity to salad dressings and pan sauces. I also take a tablespoonful of it when I feel a cold coming on—I'm not sure how scientifically successful the routine is, but it certainly clears up my sinuses faster than any medicine I've tried." — Alexa Weibel, senior food editor

"Use it to dress salad with EVOO because I heard it's supposed to be heart-healthy. Also, when I was on a kick to lose weight, I'd mix it with lemon juice and water and drink it. It wasn't terrible, but I also convinced myself it was ruining my stomach and teeth—too much acidity!" — Angela Carucci, lifestyle intern

"I have a friend that puts it in Bloody Marys. His logic being it's the hair of the dog with additional assistance." — Mary Cahill, photo director

"I use it for my hair. Apple cider vinegar keeps my hair shiny and soft." — Sophia Caraballo, editorial associate