Anya Fernald runs a high-quality, sustainable mini meat empire. But teaching her kids to cook at her farm in northern California is what makes her most proud.

anya fernald with kids theo and viola
Belcampo Farms owner Anya Fernald looks forward to summer days with her kids—Theo, three, and Viola, seven—exploring the 27,000-acre property.
| Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett

Anya Fernald is a carnivore with a conscience. She opened her California-based butchery, Belcampo Meat Co., in 2012, in part to ease her guilt about consuming meat but also to find alternatives to the subpar stuff she was buying. Her goal: Make sure that every part of the farming and production process was sustainable and hygienic and that, at the end of the day, all of the meat was delicious.

anya with giant outdoor cauldron
This incredible live-fire setup includes the giant cauldron that they’ll use to cook steaks in cast-iron pans or simmer batches of bone broth.
| Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett

For seven years, she's run her own meat-supply chain, which involves everything from creating organic animal feed to packaging on-site. That high-quality meat is shipped to six popular Belcampo retail butcher–restaurants (located throughout California and now in New York City), plus customers willing to pay a premium for dry-aged sustainable, grass-fed protein (through her robust e-commerce business). And she's done all of this while raising two young kids, Viola and Theo (now seven and three).

The headquarters of her meat empire is the 27,000-acre Belcampo Farms, located at the base of Mt. Shasta, four hours north of Anya's Bay Area home. The farm is where all the meat production happens. It's also the location of Belcampo's Meat Camps, where visitors learn basic butchery and the fundamentals of live-fire cooking.

angus hereford wagyu cattle on ranch
Belcampo’s cattle are a mix of Angus, Hereford, and Wagyu breeds, a hybrid that thrives on a grass diet.
| Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett

A bonus use for the location? It's the ultimate playground for her kids. When school lets out for the summer, this single mom escapes with them to the farm, where they have plenty of room to run, play, and squeeze lemons for homemade lemonade.

Most mornings on the farm start the same way: a walk with Mom to the garden to pick vegetables and then to the Belcampo kitchen to get some meat and bone broth for that night's dinner. "The farm has everything we need," Anya says, so they rarely have a reason to go to a grocery store.

viola putting on boots, theo holding a tomato, farm, piglets
Viola loves to pull on her boots and visit the piglets, and you can often find veggie-loving Theo in the garden snacking on whatever’s ripe.
| Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett

The kids are young, but Anya doesn't mind letting them experiment in the kitchen, even if that turns it into a high-steaks situation. "If my daughter wants to sprinkle salt on a piece of meat—even though I know it's way too much—I tell her to go for it, try it, and then taste it afterward and see if she likes it," Anya explains. "I'm not gonna say, 'No no no, too much salt—stop!' I like that she's learning and making her own mistakes."

anya fernald and daughter viola salting meat
Anya gets some help salting from Violet.
| Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett

If Viola and Theo make something themselves, Anya has found that they're more likely to eat it. "After we'd picked herbs together and thrown them in the blender, suddenly they loved our parsley-lemon 'green sauce' and ate it by the spoonful," she ys.

viola and theo helping mix a recipe
Theo is big on baking (and licking the spatula) while Violet is more into meat.
| Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett

While Viola is into meat, Theo is all about dessert! He's an enthusiastic baker—sometimes overly so. "We were making a cake, and Theo loves cracking the eggs by himself," Anya says. "I turned around and he cracked, like, eight eggs into the cake instead of two. So I doubled the dry ingredients, and we had a dense, eggy cake—a Theo cake! A delicious mistake."

picnic table with recipes in white dishes
Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett
Buttermilk Blackberry Cake
Credit: Photography by Aya Brackett