It’s great for eggs—and a whole lot more. Here are four more ways to put yours to use.
white egg slicer with black grips
Photography by Peter Ardito
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

In the test kitchen, we love the sturdy, affordable OXO Good Grips Egg Slicer ($10). The base cradles the egg in either direction, so you can get oblong or round slices.


Put hulled strawberries in the slicer to speed up prep for your next batch of shortcakes. Or add slices to a spinach salad with goat cheese.


Putting together a caprese salad? Spare yourself wrangling with slippery fresh mozzarella and get perfectly even slices with an egg slicer.


Peel a kiwi, nestle that perfectly egg-shaped fruit in the slicer, and then slice away for pretty rounds to top tarts or add to fruit salads.


Save some cash by skipping presliced mushrooms and putting trimmed button or cremini mushrooms in the egg slicer.