5 Great Ice Cube Trays to Cool You Down

Now that there are molds in all shapes and sizes, you can find the ideal ice cube for you (and your drink). We put tons of trays to the test to find the best of the best!
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For Scotch Sippers: Zoku Ice Ball

scotch glass with ice ball and zoku product

Looking for a new way to chill your beverage? Get yourself a Zoku Ice Ball. It creates an ice sphere—preferred by bartenders at certain fancy cocktail bars as it melts more slowly than squares. So it’s ideal for anything you wanna nurse. $18 for two, Amazon

For Multitaskers: Williams-Sonoma Perfect Cube Ice Cube Trays

williams-sonoma perfect cube ice cube trays

Williams-Sonoma Perfect Cube Ice Cube Trays make 1 1/2-inch cubes that are perfect for freezing pesto, tomato paste, chipotles in adobo, etc. Pop a cube into a skillet or a soup pot to add flavor to weeknight dinners. $15 for two, williams-sonoma.com

For Party People

goodcook touch silicone ice cube tray

The GoodCook Touch Silicone Ice Cube Tray is reinforced with a flexible frame, which you can twist to release all 12 cubes. A lid keeps the ice fresh, and the tray is stackable so buy a few if there are summer parties in your future. $11, Amazon.com

For Vintage Fans: RSVP Endurance Old Fashioned Ice Cube Tray

rsvp endurance old fashioned ice cube tray

In the ’50s, you could find a tray like the RSVP Endurance Old Fashioned Ice Cube Tray in many a household freezer. This update is made of stainless steel. Let it thaw for a minute, then lift the lever to release the blocks (and your inner Don Draper). $20, Amazon

For Novelty Seekers: Rabbit Geometric Ice Cube Trio Mold

rabbit geometric ice cube trio mold

Add a little edge to your home bar by using kooky-shaped ice made with the modular Rabbit Geometric Ice Cube Trio Mold. One tray makes hexagons; another makes diamonds. Nest them together and you get triangles. $15, Amazon.com