He serves up big laughs on Modern Family, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson is currently dishing out drama as a restaurant reservationist in the one-man Broadway play Fully Committed through July 31. He and Rach get along great on her show, so we challenged him to whip up one of her recipes. First things first, we asked him about his cooking cred.

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Rachael Ray Every Day: On the spectrum of "I burn everything" to "I'm a master chef," where do your skills fall?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: "I'm closer to being able to run my own restaurant."

RRED: What kinds of foods to you like?

JTF: "I love Mexican, Asian and Indian flavors. Spicy is always good!"

RRED: Do you like to entertain?

JTF: "I love cooking dinner and feeding friends and family. I love meals I can prep and leave alone while they cook to enjoy my company."

After some back and forth, we decided on a recipe we knew he'd love: Rach's Chicken Tikka Masala! We sent along the recipe and, naturally, he handled it like a pro. After he sent us a few Insta-worthy snapshots, we checked in on how he liked it.

JTF and Justin

"Justin has made a meal for me twice in the seven years we've been together. I don't mind being the family chef."

JTF ingredients

Ferguson laid out his ingredients, including extra garam masala and paprika.

JTF wine

"My Modern Family costar Ed O'Neill gave me this wine for my 40th birthday!"

RRED: Well... how did it go?

JTF: "I have a few Indian cookbooks, and making this dish has given me the courage to delve into them. I like bold flavors, so I upped the garam masala, paprika and salt. I enjoyed making this dish and sharing it with my husband, Justin."

Ready to try it yourself? Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Chicken Tikka Masala