The social-media superstar on buying gifts for John Legend, her love of gift cards, and Norwegian Christmas traditions.
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Chrissy Teigen gets a head start on her holiday shopping by using rewards points at the Chase Ultimate Rewards #OneLessThing Holiday Pop-Up Shop in NYC.
| Credit: Photography: Michael Simon for Chase

Chrissy Teigen is the queen of social media, yummy cookbooks, and lovingly trolling her hubby John Legend, and now she's adding queen of holiday shopping to her résumé. The supermodel and author has partnered with Chase on their Ultimate Rewards program to show how you can minimize shopping stress by redeeming reward points for awesome holiday gifts this season. We chatted with Teigen last month at Chase's #OneLessThing Holiday Pop-Up Shop in New York City about shopping for the holidays. 

It's crazy that the holidays are here already! Have you finished your gift shopping yet?  

"Not even close! We have so many holidays lumped together and birthdays—both my and John's birthdays are in December—and it's a lot. Then there's such a long break until Easter, it's unfair!"  

Are you a last-minute shopper or a plan-ahead shopper? 

"Last minute, absolutely. I think of things to give throughout the year but when I see something and I like it, I don't sit around and wait for the holidays to give it to them. I like surprising people and seeing the look on their faces. I like to gift a lot." 

What is your tried-and-true tip for holiday shopping? 

"I love getting people things that they actually want, which is why gift cards are so fun and so easy. Everybody wants one but nobody ever asks for it. They can go and redeem their gift cards online and they don't have to work too hard for it—I think the ultimate gift is making things easier for people! And it's easier for you, especially when you're dealing with so many different types of people who like different things. It can take a lot out of you to curate a gift for a specific person, especially when you have big families. It's a lot to think about, so I like anything that makes it easier." 

What's the best gift you've ever given? 

"I got John an Emeril deep fryer about five years ago. John's fried chicken is so good and he's so proud of it, so we use the fryer often. It's the gift that keeps on giving!" 

Are you guys an open-gifts-on-Christmas-Eve or on-Christmas-Day family?  

"Christmas Eve night! I always thought it was a Norwegian or a Scandinavian thing. Growing up, my family loved eating dinner and celebrating at night with the lights glowing, I guess because we're not really morning people! I want to keep that nighttime tradition going."

What do you guys do on Christmas Day? 

"We go see a movie in theaters, order sausage McMuffins, and just play with everything we got the night before. We do open stockings in the morning. I love stockings so much more than regular presents: Gag gifts, the tiny little magic sets—it's always so random. It's like the part in Target with the dollar bins. I love that stuff!"