Help your eco-conscious friends look good while doing good.


Sustainable Soap

Hand in Hand sustainable hand and bar soap with purple packaging and ribbon
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

Not only are Hand in Hand's bars (from $6) luxe and sustainable, but for each one purchased, soap and a month of clean water are provided to a child in need.

Reusable Paper Bag

UASHMAMA eco-friendly washable paper bag in Oceano
Credit: Photo courtesy UASHMAMA

Talk about multipurpose: These washable bags (from $8) can be used as food storage, laundry bags, toy boxes—the list is endless. Even better? They're made from virgin fiber, so they don't contribute to deforestation!

Veja Running Shoes

Veja Condor Mesh post-petroleum recycled running shoes
Credit: Photo courtesy Veja

The first "post-petroleum running shoes," these innovative kicks ($160) feature a mesh body built of 100-percent recycled fibers and a cushy sole made with wild rubber and rice husks from the Amazon.

Porter Tumbler

W&P Design glass and matte silicone reusable Porter Glass with lid in slate
Credit: Photo courtesy W&P Design

Perfect for the vino lover with a virtuous side, this chic reusable glass ($25) from W&P allows for wine drinking anywhere, from Cabernet in a cabana to Sancerre on the slopes.

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