Wow the wannabe chefs in your life with these kitchen goodies and gadgets!

By Danielle Blundell, Christina Izzo, and Kendall Wenaas
November 19, 2018
glass sparkling rose kit
Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook
| Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

The Brooklyn Brew Shop Sparkling Rosé Kit ($70 from Brooklyn Brew Shop), is home-brewing made simple. You get a fun boozy food-science lesson. Plus, the reward of five delicious bottles of bubbly is a win-win! Christine Gilkey, test kitchen intern

oxo glass cookie jar with white lid
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

What are the holidays without sweets? Fill an OXO Good Grips Pop Medium Jar ($20 from Amazon), with treats from Cookies for Kids' Cancer ($30), and you'll give a great gift for a great cause.

ninja foodi pressure cooker
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

I assumed that floppy chicken skin was the price you paid for cooking a bird in a pressure cooker. And then I met the Ninja Foodi ($200 from Ninja Kitchen), which pressure-cooks and crisps, making my poultry dreams come true. Nina Elder, executive food editor

green sequin lime absolut bottle
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Spread holiday cheers with Absolut Limited Edition Sequin Bottles ($25 for a 750-milliliter bottle on Grapefruit comes sheathed in sparkly pink; lime is dressed in festive green; and the O.G. Absolut shows up in silver.

charcoal body bar massaging soap with suds
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Along with jojoba beads to soften the skin, this multitasking Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap ($15 for 4.75 ounces from Amazon), contains activated charcoal that can neutralize pungent kitchen smells like minced garlic or chopped onion. 

three wood stacking salt boxes
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Woodbrook

The acacia wood and tidy structure of Rachael Ray's 3-Tier Stacking Salt Boxes ($19 from Amazon), mean they'll stand at the ready on your counter or in the cupboard—and look great doing it. 

three in one coffee brewer french press, pour-over, and cold-brew
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

I love the versatility of the Coffee House by Chef'n 3-in-1 Coffee Brewer ($74 from Amazon). It makes French press, pour-over, or cold-brew coffee. Tara Holland, food editorial assistant  

red origami cloth napkin
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Origami napkins aren't just for dinner cruises. The colorful MOMA Fold-by-Number Napkins ($42 for a set of six from MOMA), will make a high-design impact on any table. 

marble and copper footed cheese board with smorgasbord spread
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Perfect for the host with the most, the West Elm Marble & Copper Footed Cheese Board ($39 from West Elm), gives your usual charcuterie platter a literal leg up.

white joule sous vide
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

The Joule Sous Vide by Chef Steps ($179 from Amazon), takes the guesswork out of the sous vide technique, so you can make restaurant-quality eggs and perfect steaks with absolute precision. It's operated with a user-friendly app, which effectively turns your phone into your sous chef! Alexa Weibel, senior food editor

multi-colored vans high-top sneakers
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

A collab between chef-gear maker Hedley & Bennett and Vans, the SK8-HI Reissue UC Kicks ($85 from Vans), will appeal to hipster cooks and skaters alike. 

get hammered ice bag and wooden mallet
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Have an amateur mixologist in the family? With the Mako Ice Bag & Mallet ($20), they'll be crushing cubes for all those juleps and Moscow mules like a pro. 

metallic criss cross bracelet bottle opener
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Form meets function in the multipurpose Criss Cross Bracelet Bottle Opener ($16 from Amazon), a great stocking stuffer for your beer-loving BFF.

orange and seafoam green orca coolers
Credit: Photography by Jeffrey Westbrook

Perfect for your favorite tailgater, vacuumsealed Orca Coolers ($190 for 20-quart size, $270 for 40-quart from Orca Coole), keep beers chilly even in peak heat and come in fresh-for-2018 colors like Blaze Orange and Seafoam.