No, really!


I know what you're thinking: Why get another one-use kitchen tool? But ever since I started my tradition of baking hundreds of cookies all in one day around Christmastime, I've learned that this is one tool I won't be parting with any time soon.

cookie scoop
Credit: Photography by Getty Images

To start, it's so much faster to crank out a tray of your fave chocolate chip goodies. Just scoop, squeeze, and repeat (especially essential if you're making many dozens). Using a scoop yields bake-sale showstoppers: equally sized, perfectly round. 

vegan chocolate chip ancho chile cookies hero
Have you ever seen something so beautiful? Try our a href=""Vegan Chocolate Chip & Ancho Chile Cookies/a
| Credit: Photography by Tara Donne

A scoop is no uni-tasker, either. Use it to portion out meatballs or divvy up muffin batter—look, Ma, no mess! 

And, yes, it's pretty useful for Sundae Night, too.