What's the Deal with Different-Colored Peppercorns?

Pick a pepper, any pepper! Here's how to break down what's in your spice rack.


black peppercorns

The dried berry of the pepper plant is what fills most peppermills. Tellicherry is a common variety.

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pink peppercorns

These pretties are berries, not actual peppercorns. They’re mild and floral and great on chicken—or ice cream!

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green peppercorns

These underripe peppercorns are found in pepper blends or brined in jars, and are great for punching up sauces. 

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white peppercorns

Don’t want black flecks in your light-colored sauce? Use these, which are peppercorns with the outer coating removed. 

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sichuan peppercorns

Another non-peppercorn, these are husks from the berries of the prickly ash tree. Add to stir-fries for a pleasant lip-tingling heat.

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In the mix!

rachael ray rockin rainbow peppercorn blend

For pepper’s greatest hits, try Rach’s Rockin’ Rainbow Peppercorn Blend Grinder, a blend of black, white and green peppercorns. 

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