In the name of research, one staffer got a little—ahem—blitzened, then put three new day-after remedies to the test.

coconut drink with straw
A cup of coconut water has more hangover-healing potassium than a banana!
| Credit: Photography by Alamy

Morning Recovery

Launched in July, the liquid dietary supplement features good-for-you stuff like electrolytes (for rehydration) and DHM (dihydromyricetin), a detoxifier from the Japanese raisin tree. While it didn't squash my headache, it beat back my nausea and fatigue. $27 for six 3.4-ounce bottles, 


No, not the poisonous puffer. These lemony, effervescent tablets, made up of aspirin and caffeine, lifted my usual hangover grogginess and kind of helped with the headache and upset stomach (two words: acid reflux). Still, they seemed no more potent than a pair of Advil. $12 for a box of 12 tablets, 

Coconut Water

The trademark of a killer hangover? Dehydration. Enter coconut water, a.k.a. nature's Gatorade. A carton of Vita Coco proved to be a top-notch rehydrator. Plus, it has no artificial sweeteners (so you're not re-polluting your body!) and less sugar than your go-to sports drinks.